Blessed with a warm tropical climate, Indonesia offers the perfect conditions for outdoor and semi-outdoor activities all year round.

During an international event such as Moto GP in Mandalika, Lombok, fans and enthusiasts from all over the world come together, this provides opportunities for enhancing
interpersonal exchange as well as interactions with nature.

The local craftmanship of weaving offers a solution. The modular and prefab characteristics of it are suitable for the glamping villa, which should also promote regional products.

A woven sheet as a plane is weak, but through bending and tucking, a stable barrel vault can be formed. This prominent shape forms the roof, which provides shade and shelter without fully enclosing a space from its surrounding nature.

The frame, which holds the arch in place, creates spaces on different levels. The functions are placed accordingly, so that the rather public living spaces are more connected to each other, while private ones are protected from direct view from outside.
These raised platforms also provide better air circulation for the villa. The sleeping area is located directly under the roof, so that it functions as thermal buffer for the living space underneath in daytime. At night, this raised space is cooled by the evening breeze, creating a comfortable resting environment.

The modules are to be placed in a constellation, where a group of three surrounds a courtyard facing one other. This way, the living spaces are extended outwards, providing spaces for activities, like campfire or small exhibition of bikes from the event. A suitable place for this would be the hilly part of mount Dundang, which provides not only beautiful views of the Lombok sea and the townscape of Kuta, but also overlooks the MotoGP area.

The supporting facilities are built by extending the modules to make bigger spaces.

The entry was chosen into the best 30 finalists.